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ASA Membership Application

The American Salers Association offers three types of memberships. The membership may be listed in the name of an individual, a farm or ranch name, or a partnership or corporation. An ASA application for membership must be filed with the association.


Regular Membership – This membership is open to any breeder or owner of Salers cattle. Membership fees are collected once a year in October and include a subscription to the “American Salers” magazine. Regular members have voting privileges, herd numbers and are assigned a membership number. Members can utilize information and services provided by the ASA at the member cost.


Junior Membership – Junior memberships are issued to young person’s 22 years of age and younger. The membership name cannot include ranch names or partnerships. Junior members are allowed to vote within the ASJA. As junior members turn 22, they can become a regular or an associate member of the ASA by paying the appropriate membership fee. The junior’s herd prefix and membership number will remain the same. The name of the membership can be changed at this time for no extra charge.


Associate Membership – This membership is available to any person interested in the Salers breed. They can transfer cattle and use other services at non-member rates. Associate members are commercial cattlemen or other persons interested in the Salers breed. The associate member does not have ASA voting privileges but does receive the “American Salers” publication. Associate memberships can be converted to regular memberships with payment of the fee difference.


List your herd letter choice below. Herd letters must be two, three of four alphabetical letters. ASA will assign your first choice if it is avaiable. No two memberships may have the same herd letters. ASA will assign herd letters if none of the above are available.

Choices of herd letters (choose 2,3 or 4 letters)

Please include the name and address of your local newspaper. This information is useful to ASA in sending Salers related press releases to your area. Please provide a contact name and their email address.

American Salers Association.
Submit this form along with payment to: ASA Registry office 19590 E. Mainstreet #104 parker, CO 80138

Payments of membership dues are tax deductible for most members of the association as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, contributions or gifts to the association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.