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Performance Information

Whole Herd Recording

The Whole Herd Reporting approach offers many benefits to both seedstock and commercial producers. Building and documenting value are key in nearly every segment of our industry. To reap the benefits and generate profit it is the primary responsibility of seedstock producers to provide predicable…continued


Performance – Guidelines and Recommendations

It should be every breeder’s goal to work for continued establishment of accurate and uniform procedures for measuring, recording and evaluating Salers performance data. This information was developed to assist producers in recording accurate performance information and therefore…continued


Contemporary Groups…You can’t have accurate EPDs without them

Accurate EPDs are an important part of the seedstock business. One critical part of accurate genetic evaluation is accurate submission of weights and measurements to the Association. Perhaps the most important component of data submission is accurate contemporary grouping…continued



Docility scores are used to effectively describe the manageability of cattle in the Salers breed. The docility scores are written in a more detailed description than precious temperament scores so that breeders can make a concentrated effort to accurately collect and report docility scores. Breeders are encouraged to…


Frame Score Guidelines

Hip height converted to frame score is a linear measurement that helps cattle producers evaluate lean-fat ratio potential of an individual animal in a performance program. No one frame size will be best for all feed resources, breeding systems and markets. Large-framed animals tend to be heavier at all…continued


Genetic Profiling Helps Select for Polled Cattle

Horned cattle still represent a significant cost to the beef industry due primarily to these animals’ impact on bruising in the rib, loin and round areas of the beef carcass….


How Can a Single Bull Set You Free?

Purebred Salers breeders, have you ever thought of how all of the Salers breed's benefits helps you enjoy your daily life better? Because Salers are low maintenance...continued


Ultrasound Guidelines

The American Salers Association is working closely with Salers producers to increase the number of ultrasound scans on heifers. The following guidelines and procedures may be helpful for producers thinking about taking ultrasound measurements….continued


Certified Ultrasound Technicians

Cattle breeders who wish to collect ultrasound data on their cattle should be familiar with the rules and protocols established by their breed association. Once familiar with the guidelines for their breed association, breeders can then contact a UGC-certified field technician to scan their cattle. After scanning the cattle, the field technician will submit the images to a UGC-accredited lab where a UGC-certified lab technician will interpret the images. The lab will then transmit the data to the breed association. Click here to view the 2017 Certified Ultrasound Technicians.