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ASJA Directors

The American Salers Junior Association (ASJA) has a governing board of seven junior directors.

The ASJA Board provides youth the opportunity to gain experience holding leadership positions. Officers are elected at the Junior National Show and include ASJA members who represent the association on both state and national levels. It is the responsibility of the board to represent the ASA to the best of its ability, to provide assistance at ASJA and ASA events, as well as to be the voice of the ASJA membership.

2020-21 ASJA Board of Directors

President:Abagale Lingle

Vice President: Chrsitain Hirsch

Secretary:Taylor Phillips

Treasurer:Kaileen Dohrman

Reporter: Chloe Voet 

Social Media Representative: Kaylie McKay 

Director: Lauren Frederick

Board Advisors: Jessica Street and Megan Geffert