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Salers Bull Futurity

The National Salers Bull Futurity is held each year in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show. The Futurity was established to identify the most useful young sires in the Salers breed.  

Futurity Members

Memberships are made on a first-come, first-served basis and are considered official upon receipt by and approval of the Futurity Chairman. Memberships may be purchased and owned by an individual, partnership, corporation, organization, breeder association or as a two-party joint membership.

Each Futurity member will receive the following:

  • An official Futurity Membership Card for confirmation and voting for the Futurity Champion Bull
  • A chance to win the Net Sale Proceeds from the sale of the Futurity Champion Bull
  • 30 units of semen produced by the Futurity Champion Bull
  • One ballot in each round of the member voting

Futurity Member Semen Allotment

Futurity Members shall have exclusive AI use of the Futurity Champion Bull for a period of two years. No semen is to be sold to non-futurity members by member of the Futurity on the Futurity Champion Bull. Only Futurity members, the consignor and the buyer(s) of the bull in the National Salers Sale may register progeny that result from the Futurity Champion Bull for the two-year term. The consignor and the buyer(s) of the bull are limited to semen for within herd AI use. 

Bull Nomination / Entry Information

Any individual Futurity Member, with the exception of a two-party joint membership, may nominate a bull to the Salers Sire Futurity by paying the voting Futurity Membership Fee of $500 and paying the $150 nomination fee. 

All bulls must be registered with ASA and the original paper must be submitted to the Futurity Chairman at the time of entry to be considered an entry in the Futurity. Entries are limited to 50% Optimizer to Fullblood bulls.