Parke Ranch 2021 Sale Report

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Parke Ranch Annual Sale
Drummond, Montana
Silent Auction • Dec. 7-15, 2021

48 Bull Calves averaged $3,655
35 Commercial Bred Heifers averaged $1,723

Top Selling Bulls

Lot 39 - $6,600
PRK Jumbo 899J, a 2/20/21 red polled Enhancer sired by Hooks Full Figures 11F, out of a DJF Border Line 815A dam. Sold to Calvin & Harriet Mentzer of Drummond, MT.

Lot #41 - $5,600
PRK Jasper 137J, a 3/8/21 homozygous black polled Enhancer sired by PRK GPS 728G, out of a SRS United 0653U dam. Sold to Open Cross Ranch at Hall, Montana.

Lot #46 - $5,500
PRK Jayhawk 561J, a 3/4/21 homozygous black polled Enhancer sired by Hooks Eagle 6E, out of a SRS American 0472A dam. Sold to Reece & Katelyn Middlemist of Dixon, MT

Lot #7 - $5,000
PRK Jabba 264J, a 3/6/21 black polled Optimizer sired by MJB Velocity 414E, out of a SRS Extra 0347X dam. Sold to Jeff & Lindsay Beeson of Dante, South Dakota.

Lot #23 - $5,000
PRK Jalapeno 861J, a 2/24/21 red polled Optimizer sired by PRK Fenway 384F, out of a SRS Benchmark 8105B dam. Sold to Paul & Laura Foster of Wyarno, Wyoming. 

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