National Salers Sale 2023 Results

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47th National Salers Sale
Cattlemen's Congress • Oklahoma City, Okla.
January 9. 2023

Sale Management: Bittersweet West
Sale Auctioneer: Justin Stout

TOP SELLING FEMALE, LOT 2 Consigned by Jasperson Cattle Co., Goshen, UT, sold to Morgan Street, Cave City, AR for $16,500.

TOP SELLING HERD BULL PROSPECT, LOT 10 Consigned by Greg Goering, McPherson, KS, sold to McDonald Ranches, Bismark, ND for $11,000.

TOP 2 FEMALES Averaged $10,750.

TOP 4 BULLS Averaged $8,125.

1 FLUSH CONSIGNED BY Greg Goering, McPherson, KS, sold for $6300 to Southern Eagle Ranch, Evington, VA.

3 PICK OF THE HERDS Averaged $5000.

OVERALL Average $5842
SALE GROSS $111,000.


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